Growing Veggies Year Round

Author // Michael


Arlene and Ryan Jung of Wawakapewin First Nation collected scraps of wood and garbage from around the community and used it to build a small greenhouse on the south-facing wall of their house.  Their greenhouse has proved successful as there appears to be a yield of tomatoes ripening, taking advantage of the sunlight in the Northern community. The remote, fly-in community can sometimes go months without plane deliveries during the early winter months as the lake freezes. Extending the growing season of fresh vegetables can make this transition in seasons a little bit more enjoyable.


The lean-to greenhouse shares a wall with their home, providing heat and shelter from the elements. Lean-tos usually have lower material costs and may have the advantage of being close to electricity and water, although are limited in size by the supporting wall of the adjacent building.  Arlene and Ryan plan on connecting the heat from their basement of their house to the greenhouse so they can further extend their growing season.  Good thing the Jungs are on top of their game, because the lake unexpectedly froze over this past week! Great job, your functioning greenhouse is inspirational

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