Smoked Meat

Author // Corliss Bean

Arlene Jung is the Chief Gardener and community leader in Wawakapewin First Nation. It is her job to come up with ways to integrate traditional knowledge about food with new and exciting techniques.

An example of Arlene's innovation is that she created a meat smoker out a of a junk yard fridge and a unused fuel filter smoke gun. All the materials for the smoker were taken from her local landfill except for the air pump which was purchased at a pet store and was originally used for aquariums 

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Arlene has already used the smoker to make moose bologna and pepperoni. She first brines the moose roast and adds a dry rub. After the meat is brined it is sliced using a commercial meat slicer. It is then smoked and packaged in vacuum sealed bags to be used later for lunches. The smoker in not limited to moose meat but can be used for all traditional meats from Caribou to Walleye.

Arlene has many other recipes and ideas on how to cook traditional foods. She usually posts on her Facebook group named Minookum. Arlene has most recently posted a recipe about how to make a mushroom based soup out of edible mushrooms she found on the land. . Everyone is encouraged to join the group and post recipes they have.


0 #1 Michael 2013-10-04 10:07
What an interesting article. Another place you can go to find recipes is the IHRG Facebook page. Everyone should check it out.

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